40 before 40

It is better late than never. After some soul searching and some outside influence, I have put together a 40 before 40 list; 40 things I want to do before my 40th birthday. I feel that things on this list will help me be a better person, body, mind, and soul. I have broken down into five different categories: learning, giving back, fitness, travel and just for me.


  1. read the Bible all the way through
  2. read 100 books (no where near 100, but ready about a third of that)
  3. graduate from college (Associates degree August 2010)
  4. learn to play the piano (Began March 2019)
  5. re-learn to play the saxophone
  6. take a dance class
  7. take a flying lesson
  8. take an art or creative writing or photography class

Giving Back

  1. go on a mission trip within the US (completed June 6th-8th, 2013, Camp LRCA Crown Point, In.)
  2. go on a mission trip outside of US
  3. lead a bible study group (Moms Group, 10-17-13)
  4. volunteer on a holiday (completed on 11-11-16, Packaged Thanksgiving Baskets for New Hope Christian Church, Billy Sr, Vicky, Billy Jr, and Tina helped too)
  5. volunteer on my birthday
  6. donate to locks of love (completed on 3-15-13, 15 inches, sent to Pantee instead)
  7. coach a youth sport (that my kids are not on) (RHJP Cheer, Red Squad, July – Oct 2013, LHS Colorguard May 2018-Oct 2018)
  8. mentor a student (my students in Driven, Fall 2013)


  1. lose 60 pounds
  2. get in the best shape of my life
  3. run a 5k (completed on 4-26-13, with Sammy and Cassie, 44:09)
  4. run a 5k Color Run
  5. run a 5k Glow Run
  6. influence my husband to become healthier (completed on Jan 2017)
  7. go to a water park and not feel self conscious
  8. look good in a little black dress


  1. go camping in a national/state park
  2. take family to Holiday World (10-25-14)
  3. visit a winery
  4. visit Mt Rushmore
  5. visit Chicago (8-3-10 with Billy Sr.)
  6. re-visit the Grand Canyon
  7. see a Broadway show
  8. stay at a Bed n Breakfast

Just for ME

  1. get a manicure/pedicure (Manicure 4-3-14)
  2. go out to the middle of nowhere and watch a metro shower (completed 08-11-12 watched with my Son)
  3. kiss on the big screen at a game
  4. kiss in the rain (3-20-16)
  5. purchase a home
  6. pay off credit cards/past bills
  7. get a job I love (completed 7-25-17 at Kohl’s in Vincennes)
  8. write a letter to myself and open it on my 40th birthday (completed letter on 10-17-11 and read it on 5-4-19)

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