Jesus was able to resist all of Satan’s temptations because He not only knew the scripture, but He also obeyed it. Ephesians 6:17 says that God’s Word is a sword to use in spiritual war. Knowing the Bible is an important key part in helping us resist Satan’s attacks but we also need to obey it as well.

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I have had enough, Lord

You simple have had enough. The stress of life is so overwhelming; work is so overwhelming; the pace of life is so overwhelming. It leads us to a very dangerous place in life.

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Spilled Milk

On this particular bad day, the littlest thing set me off and I was crying over spilled milk. During these moments, we may feel out of control and in depressed need of some encouragement to get through another day.

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Lord, Use Me

In the eyes of Mary’s community, she had all the characteristics that would make her seem unusable by God for his kingdom. God on the other hand saw a young lady’s trust in Him. He found favor upon Mary.

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